Lake Toba is an important icon of Indonesia and is also its most famous lake. Through the 1990s, Lake Toba was the choice holiday destination for Southeast Asians, particularly Singaporeans who came to enjoy the weather and scenery. Towards the end of the 20th century, economic development in the region brought about a growing number of competing destinations. Lake Toba, without new or exciting developments lost its attractiveness.

In 2001, PT Merek Indah Lestari, together with a Singapore investment company discovered a plot of unutilised grassland and embarked on a journey to create Taman Simalem Resort, and put Lake Toba back on the tourism map of the world. The main idea behind the resort is to provide nature-based attractions that offer visitors the chance to experience first-hand agricultural and horticultural activities that have traditionally been the backbone of Indonesia's economy.

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